The Mighty SRC...


You can never underestimate the emotional power of a logo.

Even when that logo is an old one. Indeed it may have been one you have not seen for many a long day.

Case in point this one above and below?

Does it ring a bell with you?

To be honest it, you will only recognise it if you are of a certain age and have lived in West Central Scotland!


I was at the SWG3 hypermarket with Sandra last Sunday when I walked past a stall with these t shirts and sweatshirts hanging up. I knew I knew it. It was so familiar and comforting but it wasn't until I went outside and girl walked past with it on a tote bag that the light bulb went off.

Strathclyde Regional Council!

What a freaking genius idea. This logo was everywhere when I was younger - buses, vans, lorries, police cars. At your work, your school. It was even on your jotters. It was a subliminal part of your every day life until 1996.

Once I realised, I went straight back inside to talk to the guys behind it. These clever chaps calling themselves 2Stripe have a website selling their creations.

They dont say much about themselves but they don't need to, their witty take on urban Scottish life does that for them.

They have a facebook page too and who can resist a brand that have under 'research' pictures of old bus seat fabric.


They also had a Glasgow Garden Festival t shirt which made me smile and also want to cry a wee bit. As my Mum and I went to the festival many times. My Mum and Dad even had the pass that let them go as often as they wanted.

I of course had to snaffle one for Our David. I also couldn't resist taking a couple of shots of them on my apple tree to show you all of my apples. This tree has been bare of fruit for more years than I can remember until this summer when it has gone insane. I'm even thinking of trying to make an apple crumble with them. My mum will be laughing her arse off at the thought of me trying to make one.


In an even more genius and slightly surreal take on things, they told me that their friend Jamie Scott had just produced and released an album inpsired by and celebrating the Festival.

If you are in Glasgow this weekend, they are launching it at The Glad Cafe.


See you there...

Queen Marie