the three amigos


For someone who is relatively green fingered, houseplants and I have a very checkered past. For some reason, no matter how simple they supposedly are to care for, they generally fail  under my care. Even succulents have failed to thrive.

Which is deeply sad as I do love me a succulent.

So maybe I should give up on the living version and instead go for a deeply deeply pleasing glass version such as these wonderful creations from Artigiano

He explains his wonderful work saying -

My name is Marcin Wesołowski, I am a stained glass artist. I work with glass, and I know how to control it. I cut it into shapes, create compositions, I add some and I take some away, I bring out the color. For twelve years, I worked in the oldest stained glass workshop in Łódź, and mastered the craft there. My degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź equipped me with knowledge on the rules which govern design, and grounded my aesthetic sense. I now run my own workshop. We take on custom, made to order projects, as well as our own ideas. In our work, we combine traditional craft with modern design. We are called Artigiano.

The amigos above are all pretty pricey but you can find a whole selection of more affordable ones on etsy of course.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 17.43.59.png

Although much as I love the glass ones , there is a part of me thinks I should just give myself a kick up the arse and try again with a real living one...

Queen Marie