Let's start with Stella...

I can't type Stella, without hearing Marlon Brando in my head but I digress...


I'm not sure I've ever featured Stella Jean here on KOS before but when I saw her Resort 19 collection I knew I had too because.

1. I can't see gingham checks without thinking of Queen Michelle

2. It was inspired by Catholic imagery of Saints and Martyrs...


Stella Jean  is a Haitian-Italian fashion designer who lives and works in Rome and who is considered to be a protégé of Armani. Her work often merges classical Italian tailoring with African and Caribbean themes and imagery from Haiti, in a cultural fusion of her own identity.

Stella Jean's designs reflect her Creole heritage, and she often works with Haitian and African artisans, incorporating their work into her fashions.Through her use of native craftspeople, she seeks to support struggling countries and communities and preserve their ancestral arts and traditions. She works with industry to generate commercial enterprise and self-sustaining local communities, focusing on women’s empowerment


As inspiration for this collection Stella mentioned Catholic protective imagery of saints and martyrs, as well as 15th-century Italian sacred paintings, to highlight how religious beliefs are still grounding values in today’s restless culture. 

Colours are tropical or Chinese inspired while the shapes feature kimonos, linear dusters, small boxy jackets, pencil or tiered skirts. 

The whole thing just thrums with vitality.


Just look at the those raffia style ruffles on her feet. Such fun.

Queen Marie