pretty in pink....


Yesterday was the warmest day in Glasgow since records began. I've been struggling big time.

I  know some of you ( I'm thinking of you LInda B x) will think that anything under 100 degrees is a walk in the park but my face has gone from pink to red and pretty much stayed that way all week.

Strangely enough, it made me want to share the work of the pink loving Kissi Ussuki  a freelance illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

She likes to draw faces, hands and other body parts, and she likes surreal and absurd compositions. Especially if they are pink.

Aside from drawing and painting, she is also a photographer, art director and graphic designer who enjoys making artwork for local and international bands. The more varied work she can do, the more inspired she gets.


I can't tell you how much the last few illustrations are making me long for cooler autumn weather.

Good grief, I'm not even wearing a cardigan today. That's my equivilant or running around half naked!!!

Queen Marie