o is for otiumberg...


I had my ears pierced for the first time when I was about 14. After that I was never without earrings in. Sadly an infection in my ear in my 20's meant that I was never able to wear them again. I would try on and off but they would turn red and itchy almost immediately.

The weekend before we lost my mum she was talking about repiercing her own ears. Sadly she never got the chance. So a couple of weeks ago on my mums birthday, I went and had mine done to celebrate her birthday. Ouch. I don't remember it being that sore. My ludicrously low or should that be non existent threshold for pain made Queen Michelle and I laugh a lot.

So long story short, expect to see quite a few posts about earrings in the coming weeks. 

Lets start with otiumberg.

First up is the collaboration  with Alex Eagle, Creative Director of The Store which features some truly special demi-fine pieces. Handmade in 9-karat solid yellow gold, this ear pin features 5 beautiful white topaz stones that gracefully climb up the ear. 

The pin is carefully designed to sit tight up against the lobe, holding its own alone or pairing perfectly with the matching Alex Eagle x Otiumberg Cuff. 

Alex Eagle explains "Otiumberg are masters at combining beautiful materials and craftsmanship with a sense of fun, together we’ve created easy-to-wear pieces that feel elevated and special."


I think once my sleepers are out I shall have a serious hankering for some hoop action. I am especially smitten with these beauties below. But how people endure multiple piercings is a mystery to me. I'm such a wimp...


Queen Marie