Laser Update


I thought I'd give you guys an update on where I'm at with my laser hair removal. I started this journey last year in a bid to find out just how effective laser hair removal actually is and whether it's really suitable for women who might perhaps have hormonal related hair issues such as PCOS.

The areas I'm having done is a small patch on my face with hair that relates to hormones because that hair will behave differently to non-hormonal hair such as the legs, which is the other areas I'm having done.  The main thing to consider with any kind of hair removal is that every body is different. Some people will respond quickly, whilst others won't. It's worth understanding that you might fall into the latter category, which I have. 


It's all honesty, it really hasn't been at all what I expected. I had expected the hair to start to disappear after a few treatments but for me that just wasn't the case. On my face it didn't really work. We did 9 treatments and I lost only about 10% of the hair so treatment was abandoned. For me it wasn't a big deal as I was only doing it to test the treatment, but if I had a genuine hair concern then I might have been disappointed with so little hair loss after 9 treatments. However hormonal areas are extremely unpredictable and you should be aware that laser hair removal might not be the quick fix you're after. Be prepared to get a lot of treatments. You might not need it, but I would budget it for it none the less.


On my legs I have had around 8 treatments and there has been no hair loss but there has been an extreme thinning of the hair to the point it's barely noticeable. Because this is a non hormonal area I was expecting better results after this many treatments, and even my therapist is a bit baffled by how much my body is not giving up those follicles without a fight, but again everyone responds differently and it would seem, like Steven Seagal, my hairs are hard to kill.

We are going to continue with the leg treatment to see how many it will take to be successful. I am doubtless in the minority of people who don't respond so well - it takes my dentist an absurd amount of anaesthetic to numb my mouth - so I'm used to my body not complying. But with the legs I can definitely see that it will work eventually and it will be amazing. Even now, with my hair so thin, I don't have to shave my legs for 5 days or so.

The main thing I have taken away so far is that hair removal is very unpredictable. No two bodies are the same and no two people will experience hair loss in the exact same timeframe. 



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