get on down...


So it seemed like the snow wasn't kidding. The entire place has ground to a standstill. Buses, trains, planes, roads you name it.

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That said, we are used to the cold and the snow up here. We just keep piling on the layers and eating the pies. I can't think of time when a cozy down filled Moncler coatwould be more welcome. Especially if it were one of the wonderful 'Genius' creations...


Putting a smile on everyone's face on the opening night of Milan’s Fashion Week, Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini presented Moncler Genius, a presentation of eight different projects by eight different fashion designers who used the Moncler down jacket as their starting point for a unique collection. 


 Moncler invited visitors to a huge Milanese hangar. 

Rooms inside were each dedicated to one of eight collections making up the Moncler's Genius initiative, which is described by the brand as a "hub of exceptional minds operating in unison while simultaneously cultivating their singularity".

Moncler tasked each of the eight collaborators, which included London-based designers Simone Rocha and Craig Green, with reinterpreting its down jacket.They were instructed to keep its function in mind, ensuring that the design would still perform as a warm coat.

"Each project has the classic Moncler down jacket as the main playground, stands on its own, and all of them unanimously converging on the item. Keeping function at the core and approaching the duvet as an object, unique experiments ensue."
Oh I wish I had been there to see that. You can find out more here
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They are all glorious but Queen Michelle would be all over the Simone Rocha ones in a chilly heartbeat..

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Queen Marie