tears of glass...


Sometimes the it's the strangest things that bring a tear to my eye.

Case in point, these little purses made of glass.

Even before I read about them, tears were running down my face thinking about my wee gran who was never more than 2 feet from her precious purse and her bag. 

When I did find out about them, I cried even more.

Lost and Found

This is the work of Philippa Beveridge

She explains them saying -

This on-going series of works deal with the concept of collective and individual identity through the everyday form of a purse: a belonging which is often lost, stolen or mislaid, full of sentimental value and charged with personal memories. I began to make this work during a three-month long artist’s residency in Northern France.
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I invited local residents to visit me at the studio and show me the contents of their purses.  Building on the theme of traces, I highlighted the objects and details found in the purses to forge histories and construct identities. The resulting imagery, trapped in the material, expresses notions of time, memories and sentiments which lean towards metaphorical interpretations in relation to one’s own past. The work formed part of solo shows at el Musée-Atelier du Verre in 2010 and the Tassenmuseum, Amsterdam in 2013.
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To read more about her wonderful poignet work,  please click on the following link: Lost and Found

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