A fine romance...


Love it or hate it.

I usually decide in heartbeat.

But sometimes along comes a garment that confuses me.

Do I love it?

Do I hate it?

Oh man, I just don’t know.

Case in point this Caban Romantic coat.

At first glance I thought yuk.

But then I couldn’t stop looking at it.

But then I realised it was ‘bad taste’ but the good kind of bad taste. The kind that luxuriates in it’s own showiness.


I confess I hadn’t head of the label. I went onto their site and found almost all their stuff was affecting me the same way. It was wrong but felt so right.

God love them, even the ‘About Us’ is over the top…

Spatial…Galactic…Lustful…Androgynous… This is CABAN ROMANTIC’s woman, the line of leather jackets designed and crafted by veronese designer Massimo Pepe! 

A rising project that lands him in all the best boutiques in Italy and around the world! Have you not heard about Caban?  It will soon been known…

These are handcrafted jackets that combine little pieces of leather, which are meticulously applied on tulle or lace, recreating an harmonious geometric or floral fantasy. From white tee with denim, to the great gala dress, this piece of art will fit with extreme easiness to the cosmopolitan woman in constant change but with a special eye for trends. 

The opinion of the public, the press and employees in the sector is a blaze of admiration and astonishment in front of these creations from the magical atmosphere and timelessness that accompany women of all ages.


Price wise it’s all pretty spendy about £1400 for the coat at the top but I confess I’m pretty smitten with their capes too. Totally impractical for jumping in and out of a car every day but romantic none the less…

Queen Marie