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You know Christmas time is on the way when the toy adverts start. When I was young it seemed like every toy was made by Fisher Price. They were so bright, colourful and happy. I always wanted one of the plastic record players. Sadly Santa forgot to ever bring me one.


That was my first thought when I came across the DUO portable sound sytem.

It’s like Fisher Price for grown ups.

The DUO combines a turntable with a detachable Bluetooth speaker in just 1.8 lbs and rated for 10 hours of playback per charge.

The turntable comes equipped with an Audio-Technica AT3600L cartridge, a surprisingly legitimate record needle cartridge for the system. It even has built-in Amazon Alexa functionality for hands-off functions while connecting to an audio source streaming via Bluetooth (the turntable still requires manual operation)


The system is powered by a Qualcomm CSR8670 chip and allows wireless connection aptX Bluetooth protocol for lossless sound out of 2 full-range drivers and 2 low-frequency passive radiators. The DUO can be put into stereo mode when two DUO speakers are connected to the turntable for a fuller sound.

Unveiled at CES Asia 2018 in orange, neon yellow, and jet black, the colorful DUO system launches as a Kickstarter for $229, before eventually expanding availability after its December 2018 shipping date for a retail of $369.


This is the perfect toy to treat yourself to this festive season.

Queen Marie

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