it's a mystery...

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Mysteries of the Universe Question 110.

Who buys Jitrois.???

Queen Michelle and I used to ask each other this question every other month as we sat together on the couch drinking tea and flicking through Vogue and Elle. They ALWAYS had glossy full page advertising campaigns but in all the years we asked that question we NEVER came up with an answer.

I still don't know but someone somewhere is buying up the 'stretch leather'

Although having wondered about that again, I read a great story in AnOther Magazine that helped partially solve the mystery ( historically at least)

For SS18 the collection is called 'Intimacy' and bless them, they doubtless think they have gone 'edgy'. Michelle could show them some looks that would make their hair stand on end...

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As the brand quips, leather is skin and – as Jitrois says, quoting poet Paul Valéry, "skin is the deepest thing there is."

Queen Marie