how fast is too fast?


How fast do you really want your fashion?

I'm not talking about online shopping where we all want things as fast as is humanly possible. I'm talking about the time from catwalk to wardrobe ( I had to stop myself from typing closet there!) Do you really want to shop a show, do you honestly need it that quick?

 Right after Nicola Fromichetti presented his Nicopanda collection at London Fashion Week, six pieces were immediately available to customers across Europe. Amazon Prime Now members in several London areas were able to get their purchases within the hour, while orders placed in Germany, France, Italy and Spain came with a one-day delivery option. Now that's fast.

For his debut at London Fashion Week, Creative Director Nicola Formichetti schooled us in the different tribes teenagers find themselves falling into and out of during high school for the Nicopanda’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection


When it comes to 'see now, buy now' I'm honestly unsure.

I think I like my fashion to come with a big side order of delayed gratification. All the better to enjoy...


Queen Marie