just one dress...

Imagine. Just one dress forever more.

That's the deal.

One dress. The same dress. Every day.

You better pick wisely because forever is a long time.

I think I would be perfectly happy if that dress was this DIDRESS dress.

It's made by Diana Paukstyte, she's an emerging and recognized Lithuanian fashion designer. Her etsy shop is packed to the brim and beyond of things that I would happily wear every day. The prices seem super reasonable, this dress is only £271. That's a whole lot of dress for the money.

My love for a black sequin has been reignited by my black sequin parka the other week. I need to wear more of them during the day.

Maybe you need a bit more colour if you are going to have to wear it forever and ever. How about this then..

Much as I love this one too, the draping at the back is giving me more than slight touch of The Handmaids Tale. And that's a forever we can all do without...

Queen Marie