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The weather in Scotland, is beyond contrary. Which is why we talk about it so much. You never ever know whats coming. With the autumn equinox just behind us and the nights getting ready to 'draw in' you would think we would know what to expect. Colder? Of course not, it's Scotland. It has been in the mid 60's all week. I've even had to take my cardigan off!!!!

We might be in for an Indian Summer. If we are. I have the perfect soundtrack.

If ever an album could capture what a warm Glasgow feels like, this it - The Korvids


I have played this album over and over and one track - Beach Coma has even provided a mantra to help me through some choppy waters of late - Be strong...

Earlier this Spring, Love and Money front man James Grant collaborated with producer Gordy Goudie to form The Korvids, releasing a dance album ... for the older generation who might want to bust a move once more in honour of their younger selves.

James says -

I wanted to be someone else for a while. Sound different. Write different. It can be dreary being me all the time..I sing most of my vocals on the record in falsetto, which, as we know, is the international language of disco.

The Korvids marry their love of disco and 70's funk with influences such as Deodato, Massive Attack, Miles and anything else that takes their fancy. After the success of their debut release Beach Coma, which was picked up by Sirius US radio and remixed by Balaeric legend Jose Padilla, the duo released Bad Faith, a beauteous cut of late 70's disco remixed by Love & Money and Steely Dan's producer Gary Katz. James was the front man for Love and Money, everyone's favourite band from the 1980's who should have been massive but somehow weren't. The other half of The Korvids, Gordy Goudie, is also no stranger to the business having produced Simple Minds and playing bass and guitar for The Primevals and Echo And The Bunnymen.

Every city has a sound. I can't hear trip hop without thinking Bristol and I certainly can't hear jangling guitars and not think of Glasgow.


This debut album is a total gem of a thing, just imagine if the Blue Nile had went to Ibiza and you are almost there.

Now just hit play, then repeat.

Do that  day long until the weather changes...

Queen Marie

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