dark and beautiful, her AW 16 collection, although not her most recent, IS IGNITING A BURNING DESIRE FOR THE BIAS CUT...


My natural, gothic style sensibilities are still surfacing to the top at the moment. I just can't break out of the phase yet. But then technically it's still summer, although someone needs to tell Scotland. My dark phase won't pass until 'summer' does, so we have a wee while yet.

I have been trawling through the Kingdom wardrobe archives looking out my most beloved dark fashion items and have rediscovered some real gems. In fact, with the KOS 11th birthday recently I've been looking back rather a lot lately. 

When I was looking through the old blog for outfit shots of days gone by, I actually felt rather maudlin. I can't explain why, it just made me feel quite sad. Maybe it's because I feel so much older and when I looked back at baby Michelle it made me miss how innocent those times were. Queen Marie lived downstairs and we were forever in and out of each other's houses and it was so much fun. It wasn't all sad faces though. Looking through the blog I did rediscover lots of designers and labels I'd featured many years ago. Many are long gone, but some are still going strong. 

This is how I re-found Titania Inglis.  I featured her back in 2014 for her stunning leather creations but more recently her AW16 collection is playing right into my style ethos.




Oh those bias cut dresses with barely there boob coverage. I'd love to be able to wear such a thing but sadly my C cups have other ideas and they don't involve trying to stay put behind a sliver of twill.

Bias isn't entirely the most flattering or forgiving of cuts for those of us who are not without our lumps and bumps, but the Michelle of 2010 would have worn this delicious slip of a dress in a heartbeat. Sadly Michelle of 2017 likes her dinner too much.

I also really love that black is only part of the colour story here - rich deep plum, forest green, grey, white and taupe all vie for our attention too.

Well consider me sat up and paying attention.