patch it up

In the spirit of keeping it old school, over the next few weeks I thought it would be nice to revisit some old chums and see what is happening in their lovely stores.

What could be more old school than a patch. I love patches. Like buttons, I buy them and then keep them, sadly they never make it onto a garment. If you could see my tragic attempt at sewing you would understand why.

My favourites can be found over at Leviticus Jewelry. KOS and Tara go way back to 2005.

 You will be familiar with her jewellery which we love and have featured many many times over the years. Her collection of pieces is named in homage to her brother Levi and the childhood nickname she once conjured for her older sibling and her line is imbued with a slightly dark, dare–we say gothic sensibility.

It's easy to see the subtle historical details woven into her very modern work. Moved by pieces from the past, from one-of-a-kind vintage baubles she’s unearthed at estate sales to the storied black jet (mourning) jewelry popularized in the Victorian era, her design direction reflects a sentimentality with a patina rich in history, yet current and on the cutting edge...

Queen Marie