6 Inspiring Things


1 Tartan ruffles
2 Yellow velvet trousers
3 Philip Plein 2015 collection
4 This whole thing
5 sequined socks
6 Tight crushed velvet suit


As you know by now, inspiration plays a huge part in this blog. When we post about collections and so on we are not suggesting you try to buy these things, we are showing it to you in the hopes that it inspires you, that you will take something away from it that you can use in real life - a colour combo, a new silhouette - something that ignites an exciting idea in your head. It's the same with my outfits. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone how to dress or what to wear, but I share them hoping that perhaps I can inspire you in some way to try something you maybe haven't tried before.

I also like to create lists of things I'm totally into at this moment. Like these 6 things. So basically if my closet had all these things I coud die a happy woman. I mean, yellow velvet trousers? Come on! And sequined socks. SEQUINED SOCKS!

I'm super also excited by the combination of yellow PVC motocross trousers and the blue coat and, of course, that Philip Plein 2015 collection has basically given me life for the last 2 years but the coat and leather trousers combo is one of the best looks. And lastly that red velvet suit (not sure who the designer is unfortunately). 

So there are the things I'm really loving just now. Hope you feel inspired!