who knew a cake could look like this...

Here in the The Kingdom we don't like cake.

We LOVE cake.

We live for cake.

But who knew cakes could look like this.

They are the creations of of Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko

 Following her time at the University of Architecture and Design and having worked as an architect-designer and 3D visualizer for several years, the Ukrainian chef Dinara Kasko finds in the pastry the ideal terrain to express her creative restlessness, with architecture and geometry as tools, and with the ultimate purpose of finding beauty. She reinvented herself as an architect, designer and a pastry chef!!!

Approaching her cakes and treats as if they were scale-models of buildings, Kasko utilizes 3D-modeling technologies to create silicon cake molds. She first models the designs in 3DMAX, then prints the master model on a 3D printer, which she uses to cast the silicon molds.

The molds are all available in her online shop and even come with the recipe.

Although let's be real, I would never have the patience to create one of these wonders, I would just like to eat one...

You hungry yet?

Queen Marie