Dreaming In Delpozo


This season the master of colour, Josep Font, showed a glorious plethora of saturated hues in his Delpozo Resort 2018 collection. Expect to see neon in your local Zara soon.


There aren't many designers both Queen Marie and I have in common, but Delpozo is most certainly one of them. Endlessly inspiring, Delpozo never ceases to amazes me.

There is rarely a collection goes by that I don't save at least one image from to my Pinterest. For colour combinations, Josep Font is surely the master and for his resort 2018 collection, he hit the maximum saturation button on hues that reach almost neon peaks.

Inspired by impressive bodies of water around the world, Font takes us on a journey through the waters of what he calls "Prêt-à-Couture".

A new point of difference this season though was his inclusion of a very bold oversized stripe, which really ties together the architectural aspects of structured poplin ruffles and the loose, wafting tulle. Navy nestles alongside that bright lime green, which is in turn grounded by the presence of the palest of nude. Neon and nude is one of my all-time favourite combinations so I'm glad to see Font interpreting it so beautifully.


Truly a feast for the eyes. I'm off to dig out my neon accessories right now!