Artefacts Of A New World


Jewellery designer Gaspard Hex wants to rediscover the spirituality of the earth through his creations


Gaspard Hex is a Paris based jewellery designer who serves to "redefine the purpose of Jewelry in nowadays world, by proposing to its wearers meaningful jewels, artefacts of a new world." He is very much inspired by mystical philosophies such as Shamanism and Druidism as well as theories, ideologies such as transmutation, talismans and CG Jung’s theory of archetypes. 

All his pieces look like they have been unearthed from the ground and belong to some ancient, mystical civilisation long forgotten. Ruin-like symbols are roughly carved into sterling silver bracelets and semi precious stones are encased into textural settings, exposed like the remnants of some ancient volcano.

I want to examine a certain spirituality of nature which has been forgotten today and is waiting to be unearthed again.

In an universe where post-industrial ruins and primordial nature fusion together, Gaspard Hex experiments on matter with his own techniques, using primarily sterling silver, opals, diamonds and semi precious stones.