wish me luck...

Good Luck.

We can always do with a little more of it. 

It doesn't matter where it comes from. Lucky charms, holy medal, an answer to prayer, we all just need the blessings to flow...

My little garden shrines are always a good place to say a little prayer or two...

My little garden shrines are always a good place to say a little prayer or two...

Japanese streetwear stalwart WTAPS has always channeled combat and workwear inspirations for its pieces, so they may seem a strange place to look towards for more luck but for their 2016 season, the collection delivered this Capri Bell necklace inspired by the Capri Bell charms that World War II soldiers and fighter pilots kept in their jackets for good luck.

Coming in 100% silver and brass, the necklace features a T-bar bar charm with WTAPS four leaf clover branding, “1996″ to honor the label’s founding year, and “wish me luck” on the front. The necklace is made in Japan and retails for $296 USD for the silver and $156 USD for the brass version. 


“Once upon a time a little shepherd lived in Anacapri and he was the poorest among the poor children of the place. His only wealth was a small, ramshackle house that he shared with his mother, a widow, and a tiny sheep that he used to pasture on the slopes of Mount Solaro.
One evening as it was getting dark the child lingered to pick up flowers and when he turned around to call the small sheep he could not see her anymore. He felt a pang of pain in his heart! It was his best friend and companion, all that he had in the world. The boy searched and searched for his sheep, fearing it has stumbled from the rocks into the sea. Then, suddenly, he started to hear a bell start to ring in the distance and impulsively ran toward it. His tiny bare feet flew careless of the pebbles, of the thistles and of the night already fallen… until he got to the edge of a ravine.
A sudden flash of light stopped the boy in his tracks and, wrapped up in a golden beam, splendid on his white horse, San Michele appeared to him, the boy’s sheep by his side with a small, shining bell around its neck. ‘My boy, said the Saint, gesturing to the bell, take it and always follow the sound of it. It will keep you from all danger.’
Since then his life was filled with sweetness and happiness and every one of his wishes was satisfied. On the spot of the apparition a villa was built which was called San Michele.”

Queen Marie