patch it up...

I often wonder if some people have more money than sense. I count myself in that category. Sometimes when you are "in the grip" of something, all sense flies out the window and all you can think is how much you want something. It can be a bag, a pair of jeans or even a pair of sneakers. Now as you know Queen Michelle and I between us can "justify" just about anything. We have decades of experience and can always always find a spin to put on a purchase that somehow makes it seem not only acceptable but desirable.

However I don't think even our combined efforts could justify these patches for Gucci Ace sneakers. Oh lordy, they are truly ripping the piss.

After introducing a monogramming service last year for customers to have their initials sewed on apparel and sneakers, Gucci brings their customization approach one step further: the Italian luxury brand presents the customizable Ace Patch Sneaker Collection for Pre-Fall 2017.

 Exclusively for Gucci’s iconic white sneaker style “Ace” six new styles for women and five for men were launched, all with interchangeable patches that attach using snap buttons. Pairs are purchased already featuring patches and can then be customized by acquiring additional ones from a range of nine add-ons.

 You can chose between motives such as a cat, the ‘Blind for Love’ logo, a pineapple, a crystal panther, flamboyant fumé crystal bows or the iconic Gucci tiger.

Okay lets get to the fun part and talk about the cost!

The Ace patches sneakers retail between 595 and 890 Euro, the detachable extra patches vary between 195 and 295 Euro.

Yes you read that right, nearly 300 Euros for a patch of a pineapple.

Words fail me.

They actually fail me...

Queen Marie