Summer In Stitches + Stacks





Summer Sleight is a jewellery designer based in Denver, Colorado who recently introduced herself to Queen Marie and I and asked us to style up some of her pieces.

We headed over to see her work and were quite surprised to discover beautifully hand crafted pieces made of felt and glass beads. There are two collections that feature on the website: Stacks and Stitches.

Stacks features wool felt which has been meticulously pieced together into complex geometric stacks. A mind boggling amount of hours much go into creating each piece. Stitches is her creations made from tiny glass beads, all threaded by hand into similarly geometric formations.

The pieces featured here are the Stacks V Necklace and Stitches Puzzler Earrings.

As a maker it is important to me to produce high quality jewelry that focuses on the primacy of handmade. 

We will be styling up our gorgeous pieces in outfits in a few weeks but in the meantime Summer has kindly offered KOS readers 15% off using the code KOSXSSLEIGHT.