lost memories...

My memory is not the best. Good grief, I can even forget why I have walked into the kitchen most days. But today we are looking at Lost Memories the new Spring Summer 17 collection from Fresh Jealous.

FreshJealous was created in 2011 by Augusto Soares Silva, opening its first store in 2015, in Oporto. It's a youthful and versatile brand that creates practical and lifestyle adaptable pieces, constantly recreating itself in new inspirations, materials, colours, fits, textures, always with a strong visual impact. The designer Catarina Cunha got her Fashion Design degree at Escola de Moda do Porto in 2016 and, beyond working for FreshJealous, also complements the practical portion of her degree with a course of confection and modelling in Gudi. 

The main trend are the patterned fabrics, some very quirky with geometric styles, stripes and polka-dot, others more organic and minimal, and very graphic choices such as maps that transport us through seas and lands during this voyage that is the launching of a new collection.The warmth of the yellow contrasts with the cold blue, grey and black, as it happens in nature and time, in the sequence of days and nights.A chromatic choice that recalls the warmer seasons, the blue skies, the sea, the sun, the sand, all the elements that prompt the hot weather.

You can take a look at the complete lookbook here:

Ok that's it for today, now where did I put my tea???

Queen Marie