The Delpozo Effect




We've both featured Delpozo countless times on the blog. If there was one label who's images are constantly passed back and forth between Dust and I, it's Delpozo. For those who who appreciate colour and volume, Josep Font is a fashion god-send. Each and every season he sends his models down the runway in a kaleidoscope of colour and this season was no different. He delighted show-goers with a palette of cobalt blue, rust, cobalt, cream, navy and black on fabrics such as wool, taffeta, satin and tulle. Wool jumpers are unexpectedly adorned with giant paillettes and teamed with a single floral print. The floral motif features throughout the collection and makes me wonder if there are some artistic references in there we don't yet know about.

Whilst it's not quite as vibrant as past seasons, the silhouettes from the former architect are as dramatic and voluminous as always.


Oddly, I translate my own Delpozo colour inspiration most often into my ballet outfits. Earlier in the year I sent Dust some cobalt blue chiffon to make me a ballet skirt and low and behold this season we see the very same shade. And coincidentally I have been searching high and low for a rust/ochre shade of leotard for months now and again the very same shade has appeared here. I guess Delpozo has permeated my brain even more than I realised.