Ed Meadham's Bits & Bobs





The gap left by the demise of Meadham Kirchhoff last September was palpable. This unique label came to life at a time when fashion appeared to becoming entirely homogenised. The youthfully exuberant and unapologetically provocative label, Meadham Kirchhoff rallied the fashion squad to “reject everything” and question everything, which ultimately fell on deaf ears - it seemed the fashion industry wasn't ready to hear, and watch, their frustration with the state of the fashion system, and every other system which has a strangle hold on Britain currently.

Archaic minds, whether that's fashion designers or fashion bloggers, are needed in the industry to fight against the homogenisation, even if we are in a tiny minority swimming against a tide of oatmeal coloured jumpers and 'nice' heels. Without us, and you, and the likes of designers such as Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff, fashion reaches a stalmate, never moving forward and always bowing to the lowest common denominator. 

Luckily for fashion, Ed Meadham is back with Blue Roses. His latest project, which launched earlier this year, is a collection of what he refers to as "bits and bobs". These bits and bobs consist of printed t-shirts and hoodies, thigh-high woollen socks and frilly collars, cuffs and sleeves. 


Meadham's describes this assembly of bits and pieces as being for the "young", who have been left behind by the fashion industry due to the exorbitant cost of designer pieces. Whilst for me that statement isn't entirely inclusive, myself being an old person who loves challenging clothing, I get where he's coming from. Everything in the range is pretty affordable, as evidenced by the mostly sold old signs in Dover Street Market who are currently the sole stockists of the tees and hoodies. The graphics on the tees borrow heavily from Hole's old fliers, which if you were a teen in the early nineties, will remember very well.