lie lie land….

I don't know about you but I'm genuinely struggling to watch the news these day.

It's lies, lies and more dammed lies which is why this new London street work by Bambi put a great big smile on my face this week...

The work, entitled Lie Lie Land, features a dancing Theresa May and Donald Trump in the pose made famous by the movie La La Land.

 It can be found at the corner of 40 Cross St and Shillingford Street, London N1 2BA.

Bambi says “Lie Lie Land is a parody of the blockbuster Hollywood movie La La Land. The original film poster for La La Land is pasted everywhere in London - on buses on bus-stops on billboards, a happy couple dancing without a care in the world. The film was released during a dark political time in our world when our government lied about trident and literally held hands with Donald Trump.”

 Bambi is the pseudonym of a contemporary British street artist. Her works focuses on contemporary female identity and its relationship to patriarchal culture. She also keenly highlights political and social injustices. This is the first street work unveiled by the artist in recent months, and is the first of a series of works she has planned for 2017.

As for the film itself, Meh Meh land might be more accurate.

I'm a huge fan of musicals and was really looking forward to it. Yes it looked really pretty in parts but the whole thing just felt a little insipid to me and that's before it dawned on me that even after 5 minutes had passed I couldn't recall a single song from the whole damm movie!!!

I think I'm going to go and put "On the Town on. Now there's a real musical...

Queen Marie

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