A Little Laurie Lee



Oh I do love me a bit of Laurie Lee. Her custom painted biker jackets make me chuckle and also make me think of my teens, where I was the resident biker jacket painter in my little metal gang because I was the artistic one.

My version of Pushead artwork was not a patch on Lee's biker jackets however, which feature colourful typography with cocky statements. My favourite is definitely Potatoes Gonna Potate.  Because they do.


She will also customise your Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, you know if you have a spare one lying around, as one does.


I think all fellow freelancers will appreciate the to-the-point slogan on this Louis Vuitton purse. You need to provide your own LV purse for this cheeky treatment too.


Each new biker jacket cost £599 but some are restored vintage biker jackets which are slightly cheaper. I might not have £599 to spend on one of these glorious creations but it might have inspired me to dig out the paints again.