sitting on sputnik...

I've told you all before of my wee grans deep held belief in the evil power of the Sputnik.

 Many many moons ago, I wrote a post sharing the story of how she blamed the sputnik for everything that went wrong.

From bad weather to bad tv reception, everything was laid at the door of that orbiting hunk of metal. So can you imagine how horrified she would be at the suggestion of sitting on a sputnik chair!!!

Me on the other hand, I would love, love, love to sit on this chair!

The limited edition Sputnik chair by Harold Sangouard of Harow has been shortlisted for The Chair category in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017. Made of hand-cast aluminum and steel, the individually numbered chairs come in a raw or polished finish.

The Sputnik chair is directly inspired from the satellite of the same name. Simple, effective and timeless were the main criterias for this piece. The Sputnik chair is voluntarily rude in its aspect and goes straight to the point. The simplicity of the used materials focuses on perfect union of functionality and aesthetics. Made out of hand-cast aluminum and steel, the chair demonstrate how basic materials can be used with elegance.
Besides the political aspect and the race to space, the only function of the Sputnik satellite was to send “bips” to the earth. The Sputnik chair was created with the same leitmotiv and all the superfluous were set aside.

Its 4 asymmetric feet were directly inspired from the satellite antenna and ensure a flawless contact with the ground. As simple as it looks, the chair is a real technical challenge in its making. The main difficulty was to find the perfect blend between elegance and robustness. With a diameter of 58 cm the Sputnik chair uses the exact same dimensions as the satellite for the aluminum seating. The asymmetric incurved feet are made out of steel to ensure a flawless solidity.

Now if you will excuse me, I had better get this posted fast as my internet signal is acting up. And we all know who's to blame for that, don't we?

Queen Marie