all the little creatures...


Some days I am sad that my nieces are growing up so fast. Especially when I come across something so wonderful for small people. Just look at these little animal stools. Could they be any more darling? 

Designed by the Japanese designer Takeshi Sawada for the Danish brand Elements Optimal, these cute animal chairs are great for both sitting and playing.


Manufactured with love from solid oak and walnut wood. With characteristic spotted faux fur.
The generously padded seat, upholstered with cuddly soft faux fur, looks deceptively real. The typical, creamy white spotted pattern of a fawn contrasts subtly with the finely coloured brown, long pile. Thick (approx. 4.3cm (1.7")), solid oak sturdy legs. The hooves are made of contrasting solid walnut wood in a dark brown tone.
The solid oak wood antlers serve as armrests, as well as a handy hook for hats, bags, scarves, dog lead, you name it. In addition, the stool can be conveniently moved by the antlers.

The members of the product family include the Sheep, decorated with round wooden ears and faux sheep skin, the Bambi, upholstered with funny antlers and spotted fake fur, and the Cow, finished with curved horns and faux cow skin. The sculptural chairs fit perfectly with a low children’s table and they offer a sturdy and inspiring base for all kinds of play...


Queen Marie