Allison Bartline



I have fallen back in love with wearing rings again and find myself rarely without them these days. It doesn't hurt that my recent hand tattoo compliments the wearing of lots of silverware. I favour darker themes, as you can imagine, so most of my rings features skulls, runes or claws and talons.

And now that I have finally secured my first beautiful Alicia Hannah Naomi piece - the stunning Ash bracelet - next on my list is a ring by Allison Bartline, another of my favourite jewellery designers with a darker aesthetic.

AlIison grew up in Anchorage, Alaska before moving to Portland, Oregon and starting her line in 2008. Her work features sterling silver creations which focuses on animal motifs such as scorpions, rams, snakes and wolves. Her designs are beautifully roughened and oxidised making each piece look like an ancient artefact.

Currently I am saving up for her Uraeus ring and the Dresden ring by AHN.

I am inspired by mankind’s early interpretations of the natural world and the fear, worship, or desire to control it.
— allison bartline

We should also take a moment to appreciate her wonderful dog, Lemmy. If only we could all be a chill as Lemmy.


You can also follow Allison on her Instagram.