scarves and soup...


Some things are essential for survival. Food. Air. Water. Scarves.

Yes scarves. I couldn't survive without them.

Although some are more special than others. Like the glorious ones created by Green Thomas



Green Thomas are design duo Emma Green and Alan Thomas Dibble. All of their wonderful products are sourced, made and produced within the British Isles. Designed in their studio workshop and created by a select group of artisan makers using only the best locally sourced natural materials.



They met on the first day of the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins, London in 1992.Fast forward twenty odd years and both Thomas and Green have been working in the industry for international retailers and brands, travelling the world, spending too much time in airports and in between starting thier own families. All the while growing older and wiser but still remaining great friends. 

In 2015 they launched their own brand.

They wanted to do a range for women and men. Classic but cool. Traditional and Modern. Focus on quality and pay attention to detail. In touch with trends but not dictated by fashion. Using the best fabrics we could from mills that they can visit. They want to work with suppliers and makers who make great products as locally as possible. 

Job well done I would say...

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.14.53.png

I freely admit I have a scarf problem. I went to buy dinner the other night but on the way I stopped off at TK Maxx, where of course I saw the perfect techno green scarf. I then realised I had forgotten my bankcard and only had £20 in my pocket. Needless to say I sacked off my dinner, bought the scarf and just had a tin of soup instead. New scarf and soup. Yum.

I would maybe even sack off the soup to get my paws on one of these blanket beauties...

Queen Marie