pantone perfect...


Pantone products.

Us creative types are all total suckers for them.

I think it's maybe because pantone colours are such a big part of our everyday life. We have some we love, some we hate. some we dislike but still use because they always do the job. Some fall in and out of favour fast while others we use season after season, year after year.  And that's before we even get started on our Pantone Metallic swatch book. You thought there was only one colour of gold. Bless. We may to wait years for the right job to use our favourite but we can wait. Oh yes we can wait.


Earlier this week the launch of Pantone's first light collection brightened up my day.

With four different lamp styles available, the collection is made in partnership with 'e3light', a European market leader in lighting solutions, and has been named 'Light Color Live'. There are lamps with different shades, floor lamps, table lamps and suspended lamps.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 17.56.38.png

Simplicity, minimalism, and functionality are deeply rooted in the design philosophy for the collection. Inspired by iconic Scandinavian design traditions the PANTONE Light collection has colors such as Red Cardinal, Sargasso Sea, Forest Biome, Pewter, Black Beauty and Brilliant White.


I think I'm loving the simplicity of the table lamps most of all.

Queen Marie