a pinch of salta...



I need a new coat like I need a hole in the head and yet....


I came across Salta last week and all of a sudden all the other coats in my wardrobe seem a little lacking in flavour.

Each item by Salta™ is a unique work of creativity and art, masterly prepared by professional tailors inspired by the quality, care and elegance that the Salta™ brand has become recognized for. The brand offers a full range of clothing presented in a limited amount of lines and types, maintaining simplicity and uniqueness. Apart from the traditional casual line with a slight ethnic touch tailored for a modern woman, the brand has been offering business collections to loyal and devout fans since 2008.

Salta adheres to her principle’s of style to European minimalism multiplied by perfect cut and a traditional oriental touch and is recognized as one of the top fashion creators and designers in Kazakhstan. Natural materials and textures are used and combined and to create each unique item individually with care and quality. Salta is a family owned business, founded in 2008, and has become one of the most original, well known and commercially successful designers in her native country.


I think it's clear, I need some more salta in my wardrobe...

Queen Marie