mellow yellow...


When it comes to Peanuts, I totally identify with Lucy Van Pelt.

I can do crabby. Especially first thing in the morning.

But when it came to the recent Peanuts x Vans collections, it was the Charlie Brown ones that totally stole my heart. They stole everyone else's heart too as they sold out in a flash. But I kept on hunting and finally managed to get my paws on a pair last week. Huzzah.

DSC01537 2.JPG

The universe then kindly added some more yellow to go with them, when when Telf gave me a belated birthday gift of this wonderful yellow pebble bracelet. I think it's wood but I'm not sure...


I was a little worried that I was going to look a little like a wasp with the black and yellow but I don't think there is enough yellow going on to cause that problem.

Talking about creatures that feature yellow, have you ever heard of a Sea Angel?

No neither had I until last week. It is a shell less sea slug that swims around in the dark of the deep ocean. That doesn't sound too lovely but when you look at it, it is a wonderful little thing...


Queen Marie