under a prairie moon...


Looking at the chandeliers in my living room, it struck me again that they are just a little small.

In The Kingdom, we are big fans of more is more, so if I had the budget, then I would doing everything I could, to have The Prairie King galloping across my ceiling.

Who wouldn't want a giant chrome unicorn chandelier up there...


The Prairie King light,  is an enormous chandelier that turns English mid-century, toy ride-on, spring-mounted rocking horses into unicorns with illuminated horns, clinging to a suspension lamp covered with fairground bulbs. The name of the gigantic 40″ x 67″ lamp comes from the vintage steel “Prairie King” Metal Cowboy Western Ride-On Rocking Horse made by Mobo in England during the 1950s and 1960s which were used to create this piece.

I always wanted one of those horses when I was small!


The original horses are totally transformed.

No longer horizontal and suspended on springs, instead they are vertical and animated, dancing around 600 fairground bulbs, like moths around an exterior light. Highly chromed and reflective, they have metamorphosed into magical unicorns with sheriff badges and punk like spikes...


This glorious creation is the work of Stuart Haygarth, an artist and designer who turns found objects into spectacular lighting, furniture, and art installations, his pieces are whimsical, technological and imaginative.

The Prairie King comes in a limited edition of only 8 and is part of a larger body of work focusing on the concept of ‘Play’ as a vehicle for creativity. The German philosopher G.W Leibniz founded an Akademie of Playing in Hannover in 1700. He was convinced that scientific learning and real discovery comes out of playfulness. Maybe playing without rules or pressure is at the core of creativity and hence the process of making art/design.


What could be more playful than a giant chrome unicorn above your head....

Queen Marie