material lust


All Hallows Eve is heading our way.

So now seemed like the perfect time to share some dark and mysterious work from Material Lust 

Clear advocates of the meeting and melding of science and magic, just take a look at their Pagan Chair and Alchemy Table 

The Pagan Chair has a seat made of smoke Lucite and the table features a beautiful geometric slice of polished brass. Made of matte black powder-coated steel these are stunning although they would be more suited to Queen Michelle's home than mine. They would unnervere me...


Dark horse disciples of art and design, Material Lust are Christian Swafford and Lauren Larson. In spring 2016, they opened the Annex, a collaborative space that is an evolving extension of the brand’s vision to bring radical design to the forefront—and one that redefines the concept of a Total Work of Art.

In addition to furniture and textile design, the pair bring over ten years of experience to Creative Consulting, Art Direction, Product Design and Interiors, working regularly with clients seeking bold and unorthodox methods of developing their brands, products, or spaces. 

Their collections are made by generations of master artisans locally in New York and Florence, Italy. 


If you want a bit of drama with your burning wax, then they also have the most stunning Pagan Candelabra...


Queen Marie