The Bold And The Beautiful





I am a great lover of bold prints but it's the hardest thing to find in clothing, especially prints that are done well. For me it's a never ending search for the perfect patterns in the perfect colours. Recently I was hunting for a pair of bold, patterned trousers, with no luck, and I came across the beautiful work of London based designer, Ivanka Hristova. In her collection is a beautiful pair of trousers but sadly they aren't available in her shop.

She founded the brand Ivanka Hristova in 2015 after she graduated from University of East London. Originally born in Bulgaria, the designer moved to London in 2003. 

Following on from her Graduate Collection in 2015 she went on to create her first independent collection in SS17. 


She utilises a combination of prints and hand embroidered textile techniques to enhance those glorious silhouettes. Bomber jackets are oversized as are the florals which pepper the entire the collection - a girl after my own heart!

Whilst I wasn't able to secure some new trousers, Ivanka has given me hope that there are still new designers out there who are creating statement collections.