ring in the changes….

So I didn't make any New Year Resolutions even though I probably should have! Queen Michelle is trying to cut out sugar, must email her this morning and see how that is going?

Needless to say everywhere you look there are articles about fitness, diet and endless gadgets and gear to help you get in shape. I normally ignore them all, the way I ignore people who tell me I should eat less bread ( which I really know I should) But the the Motiv Activity Tracker Ring did catch my eye . I must confess the fact that it is made of titanium is probably what did the trick!!!

Much better than a lumpy watch or wristband, The Motiv is an ultralight titanium ring equipped with many of the same health monitoring features as its wristband counterparts: optical heart rate sensor for exercise and sleep monitoring, a 3-axis accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity, and waterproof construction. All this tech in a simple ring band design available in either Slate Gray or Rose Gold finish.

Each 90 minute charge using an included plug-in USB magnetic charger is rated to last 3-5 days, with the addition of a keychain charger for travel.

The Motiv Activity Tracker Ring works in conjunction with an app to display the wearer’s resting heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and quality sleep throughout the night. 

It will be available this spring, with pre-ordering available today for $199.

It's pretty and it's clever but am I really tempted?

No. Now pass me that plain loaf, I think there is an outsider left in there just begging for the toaster...

Queen Marie