Turning Point



There's an imperceptible moment in every fashion girls life when a like turns into a full blown obsession. We've all been there.



One day you're happily blogging about a brand and their shoes, pinning their photos on Pinterest, and then out of the blue it escalates into something that you WILL own, one way or another. For me, it all began with the Ports 1961 bow sneakers. I really liked them, then the more I looked at them the more I wanted them. Really wanted them. I hunted high and low to find them, but then discovered at nearly £400, they were far out of my price range. That like, soon tuned into an obsession with shoes featuring oversized knots/bows. I hunted for ones I could afford and found the Zara slides. Shortly after that the Miista Priyanka brogues followed.


However, even with these magnificent specimens, my desire is still not quenched. I need more and I need bigger bows. What I have realised is that the bigger the knot or bow detail the more flattering it is for legs with larger calves. Nowadays flat shoes don't suit me so much as when I didn't have muscled legs, however when flat shoes feature a large detail it offsets the width of calves and suddenly flats become really very flattering. It's all about proportion.

As Queen Marie mentioned, I'm heading to London next week with absolutely zero plan other than to get fitted for new pointe shoes, however I will be looking to add some more oversized bows and knots to my small collection.