This is Caruso...

This is Caruso.

A 'musical sideboard' by Paolo Cappello for the Italian design house Miniforms.

Now available at NEWBLACK this is quite simply the most glorious and wonderful thing I have seen all year.

I want one of these.

I really really really want one.

Last year, Capello, dismayed that pretty much any tangible manifestation of music is being transmitted these days from some tragic little pile of plastic or replaced by random  o's and 1's drifting invisibly and lamely from surround sound speakers decided to create " something that gives music back it's shape"

And oh what a shape that is…

The right hand side of the sideboard fulfils it's traditional function i.e. a spacious interior with a glass shelf. But open the left hand door and ahhhhhh behold the high-tech audio equipment and a bluetooth connection.

The true glory comes in the shape of the ceramic speaker which is attached to the front, reminiscent of a gramophone trumpet or some gigantic sonic bagel producing rich high performance sound.

No coincidence I'm sure that this joyous thing shares it s name with the great Enrico Caruso who, thanks to his early adoption of sound recording, became the most celebrated opera singer of the 20th century.

The cabinet comes in a variety of wood and lacquer finishes , while the trumpet comes in the choice of black, grey, pink or lemon.

Prices start from £2485.

Right I'm away to start saving

Queen Marie