proportion and play...

Proportion and silhouette.

We all have very distinct preferences for them. Often without really realising what they are or how deeply ingrained they are in our every day wardrobes. They can be difficult to change. Hell, it took Karl Lagerfeld 13 months to lose 90lbs to allow him to alter his to a slim fit Slimane approach to his life and wardrobe.

Mine is pretty constant - asymmetric, black, draped, which is why I have been love love loving Queen Michelle's London outfits. She looks stunning.

Vreeland famously said "the eye has to travel". It also has to play. Which is why I was so smitten with the collaboration between artist and graphic designer Boris Peianov and photographer Dan B.
Their idea was to reflect their vision of off-the-beaten-path beauty by slicing the photos up into pieces and put them together in a subtle way that would still represent a normal silhouette alive.

This should wake your eyes up on a Monday morning...

Queen Marie