flotsam and jetsam...

We often forget how lucky we are living in Scotland. History is around every corner. For the last few days I've been staying in a little piece of living history - Kingfisher Cottage built in 1750!!!

It's in one of the happiest of my happy places -Cellardyke in the East Neuk of Fife.

Normally you see my pictures from here taken in the dead of winter. How lovely it is to show it in the sunshine...

The fisherman's cottage was renovated on 2011 and what a wonderful job the owners have made of it. Inside it is modern but still retains the original feeling.

But of course it's all about the sea. A walk to the bottom of the garden and you are out on the rocks. Total and utter happiness.

The minute I win the lottery I am buying a cottage here.

Lucky Pete and Kirsty from Tom Pigeon already live here. I've featured them on the blog a few times and I think it is about time I invested in a few of their prints.


Goes without saying I should start with Anstruther and maybe follow that up with the glorious Flotsam and Jetsam collection. The fact that they are produced on gf smith paper just makes them all the more perfect.

Bye Anstruther, see you in February...

Queen Marie