swallows and flowers...

Hello September my dear old friend.

Don' t tell the other months but I think you may be my favourite. You have many wonderful gifts that you happily share. Your crisp air and your warm glowing light. It doesn't hurt that Mother Nature joins in with falling leaves and a real feeling of mellow fruitfulness. Best of all the slight cooling of your air means that I can start wearing some serious scarves and shawls.

When it comes to scarves, I take the same approach that Queen Michelle takes to sleeves. Big is good but bigger the better!

Just take a look at this treasure. A gloriously huge wrap of soaring swallows interspersed with floral hand embroidery in charcoal grey wool. This is the oversized Grey Embroidered Swallows & Flora Scarf by Renli Su available on YBD. Dark grey front with contrast lighter reverse. It measures a whopping 440cm x 45cm and is comprised of 100% organic wool sourced in Scotland. I love Renli Su.

Much as I love swallows and no matter how often they use the word 'artisan' when describing it,  there is no way I can part with £395 for a shawl!!!

Etsy here I come...

Queen Marie