I hate art...

Of course I don't.  I love art.

On Sunday while Queen Michelle was in full on selling mode at the Bloggers shop, I went for a wander and came across the utterly wonderful Subversion Gallery.

It would be no exaggeration to say that I wanted almost every single print they had in there.

 I had never come across Magda Archer before but now that I have, I need to get my paws on one of her wonderful limited editions prints.

Some might regard them as frivolous and kitsch but they are more optimistic and witty than that. This is happy pop art.

Talking about her work Magda says -
As far as the words in my paintings and prints go, I just listen out for things that have a nice sound to them or that make me laugh. I love putting words and pictures together. On the whole, still just serve as a starting point to feed other people’s imaginations. I’ve found some lovely bits of writing, words and sayings on pieces of crumpled up paper that I’ve found on the street or in the park.
I only use colours I love. I can’t use maroon – don’t look for it because it’s just not going to happen. Once in a while I’ll tear something out of a newspaper or magazine where I like the combination of colours and I’ll save that to use at some point. I love sugary combinations and colours that remind me of well-loved objects or clothing.

The images in this post are no where close to conveying the energy and colour of these prints in real life. Some of them feature up to 13 screen printed colours. Including neon inks and even glitter. These prints buzz with life, humor and energy...

Thank you Magda for putting a big smile on my face.

Queen Marie

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