with this ring...

Just because I've never actually made it up the aisle doesn't mean I can't enjoy looking at wedding and engagement rings.

I was engaged once. It ended badly and I threw my ring into the River Clyde. I always liked to imagine that one day someone would catch a fish, that had swallowed it. Of course on other days, I wished I had sold it and used the money to buy new shoes or a new ring!

I've always been smitten by the work of Shimell and Madden. They occupy that space where craft, art and fashion intersect. High quality and hand-crafted, their jewellery explores themes of science, nature and time.
They have been creating jewellery in their London studio since 2010. Emma Madden’s expertise is in craft and conceptual design, inspired by the universality of mathematics. Luke Shimell’s extensive experience as a goldsmith enables him to develop their designs into intricate pieces of exactitude.
'Resolutely modernist, their work is abstract and linear, yet alive with rhythmic energy, resonating with the dignity of ancient architecture and the purity of classical geometry.'

They are showcasing new pieces at NY NOW , if you are lucky enough to be in the Big Apple.

It might just be me because I've watched too may episodes of The Big Bang but I keep thinking of the Hadron Super Collider when I look at these...

Queen Marie