look up, look out...

Football, football, football, tennis, tennis, tennis.

Ughhhhhh.Sport. I'm really truly sick of it.

It's everywhere you turn and that's before the golf starts and we even get a sniff of The Olympics .Every time I go into my mum and dads house , my father is glued to the tv screen. If it's not sport , it's tanks and world war 2. 

Now if he was watching something exciting like skydiving elephants then that would perhaps pique my interest.

Or how about some aquatic giraffes? Eat your heart out Tom Daley

These glorious images and videos are the creation of Nicolas Deveaux, a graduate in animation from l’Ecole supérieure d’infographie, Supinfocom. He first came to everyones attention with his  short film “7 tonnes 2” where an impressively real-looking elephant is jumping on a trampoline. He has since followed it up with high-diving giraffes and a series of TV promos and ad campaigns where he combines animals with sports.

Nicolas is a director with Cube Creative and has long had a passion for combining imagery with animals using computer graphics and special effects. Just take a look at their 2015 showreel, it' sure to put a smile on your face.

These are the kind of sports I can get behind.

Queen Marie