in the cold light of day….

Chairs. Love them. Have more of them, than I can ever use.

Truth to tell, I have chairs and stools that I never actually sit on.

I sit on other chairs and just look at them. At how perfect they are and how happy they make me feel. A chair should of course by it's very nature be comfortable to sit in but some chairs are better to look at than to sit on. Fact.

I suspect this Concrete Project chair might be one of those 

A modern concrete chair. A hand cast, engineering composite concrete shell sits upon a harmonious relationship of wood and steel. Clean lines, honest materials, contemporary design.

You can find it in their etsy shop here  Of course being concrete it will weigh a ton and for that reason it is only available for delivery in the USA. 

Thankfully there are some stunning concrete creations closer to home in the shape of the wonderful chairs from Lyon Beton   

After an urban exploration where they found in the attic of a disused sanitarium a 50’s resin shell, they set out to experiment using reinforced concrete with fiberglass. This first intuitive prototype suffered a lot to validate its strength in the long term: exaggerated weight and generous bodies, brutalities and hazardous equilibrium, thermal shock from frost to furnace. Since this first creation with Julie Legros, Henri Lavallard Boget and Lyon Béton have worked closely together to make the Hauteville’s chair market ready.

The inside part of the seat is very smooth and comfortable. But it’s when you touch the back of the chair or the rebar legs that you know that the raw creative intention has been preserved. The Hauteville Chair is now an extended family with bar and counter chairs, armchairs and even a rocking chair.

I LOVE this rocking chair.  Constructed with a concrete shell, rebar legs and plywood runners, this would look perfect in my house.

In fact I think I would even sit in it!!!!!

Oh concrete chairs you have lit a cold hard light in my heart...

Queen Marie