raining cats and dogs...

Driving to work today along flooded back roads, there was such loud thunder and lightning that I was actually fearful.

I drove past an electric power station and there lightning hitting the conductors. It was dark and threatening and truth to tell I felt a bit like I was in an Edward Gorey cartoon.

It feels very much like an Edward Gorey day today, so let's just go with it, it might help with the feeling of ennui I have today.

Edward St. John Gorey (February 22, 1925 – April 15, 2000) was an American writer and artist noted for his illustrated books. His characteristic pen-and-ink drawings often depict vaguely unsettling narrative scenes in Victorian and Edwardian settings. Although Gorey's books were popular with children, he did not associate with children much and had no particular fondness for them, as you can see from his famous alphabet...

Gorey was noted for his fondness for ballet (for many years, he religiously attended all performances of the New York City Ballet), fur coats, tennis shoes, and cats, of which he had many. All figure prominently in his work. His knowledge of literature and films was unusually extensive.


Explaining his choice of subject matter, Gorey said:
“My favorite genre is the sinister-slash-cozy. I think there should be a little bit of uneasiness in everything because I do think we’re all really in a sense living on the edge. So much of life is inexplicable. Inexplicable things happen … and you think, if that could happen, anything could happen.”


He cautioned against taking his work seriously sayingit would be “the height of folly,” so maybe I need to listen to Edward today and lighten the hell up...

Queen Marie.