walk the line...

I'm sure I can't be the only one, but sometimes the very words 'street style' can make me feel slightly squeamy. So it takes a pretty special image to overcome that. Luckily today the illustrations of Agata Wierzbicka are exactly that.

Agata Wierzbicka is a Warsaw based freelance interdisciplinary designer, who works on a junction of art and design.
After having received M.S in Furniture Design and later in Architecture in Warsaw and Brussels, she focused her professional carrier on illustration, art and small scale design, often mixing all together within a particular project.

She loves to observe people on the streets and travelers in various situations, reflecting her observations in unique illustrations.   She mainly draws digitally but loves using acrylic, oil and pencil, and simply doing experiments in mixing techniques. Her illustrations are characterized by a dynamic sketchy line and pastel colors.

It's what she leaves out as much as what she includes, that makes these so fresh, unique and appealing.

She gained her experience in numerous design and graphic offices across Europe – in Amsterdam, Munich, Eskilstuna (Sweden) and Warsaw. She participated many times in art workshops in Paris, Dublin, Warsaw and Gdansk. For many years she has been a drawing and design teacher in School of Drawing in Warsaw.
Her botanic prints are also glorious but for some reason it is the bottom 'beach' one that is my favourite. I can almost smell the sea...

Queen Marie